RammyCraft is a Minecraft Server based in Malaysia launched since 3rd of September 2012. RammyCraft is a completely free to play server with gameplay as close to vanilla survival as possible. Few tweaks such as town protection and chest protection are made to enhance players' experience. Overall RammyCraft is a casual server that anyone can join and enjoy the vanilla experience with their friends.

RammyCraft was started as a passion project by TomYaMee to explore the aspect of game server management. The server was first created utilizing various ready-made solutions/plugins available on the market while TomYaMee was focusing on learning game server management. The server evolved into custom made server using Skript language at later stage as a way for TomYaMee to delve into the programming world. The official website was then developed using modern front-end framework utilizing React/Gatsby as TomYaMee gets more experienced with web development.